Independent Porsche Owners Club
Porsche de Mexico proudly presented the Porsche Carrera GT in Mexico with a very exclusive event where selected customers had the chance to experience, touch, feel and ride the Limited Production Porsche Carrera GT.
A brief conference started the activities of the Carrera GT Day. In the picture: Fernando Flores, Director of Porsche de Mexico, to his right, Porsche Driver Extraordinaire, Walter Rohrl, next, Santiago Mulas, Operations Manager for Porsche Latin America. All the way to the right with a Porsche Cap, Enrique "Fast Keke" Cortes, official Porsche de Mexico driver and best friend.
Well, here it is making its entrance, simply ashtonishing !!!!
The entire Porsche lineup was present to test drive.
Frissen Gutierrez, Porsche Specialist with the Carrera GT.

Independent Porsche Owners Club
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