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2003 Concourse de Elegance
Huixquilican, Mexico.
Porsche was the best represented european automaker at the 2003 Concourse de Elegance celebrated in Huixquilucan Mexico. This is very important since Porsche is a young brand here in Mexico, it started official operations in 1996 and a renewed Porsche Mexico just starting in 2001. Nonetheless Porsche has been a favorite among Mexican car lovers since the 50's when Porsche raced in the famous Carrera Panamericana which later gave its name to what we know now as the Porsche Carrera. Following we have some of those wonderfull Porsche cars at the Concourse.
The 911's
The 356's
The 928's
The 930's
The BMW M1 is the epitome of German design and engineering. That is why I permitted myself to post it within my Porsche pages. The BMW M1 is the start of the ///M department, blunt teutonic lines, excellent performance and a warrior on the racetrack who fought against the 911 RSR.

Also important to note is how BMW simply lost its heritage, not following their philosophy of design and racing heritage.

Not so with Porsche cars where we just exampled the old cars and are so reminiscent of the actual cars, following design, performance and heritage.

Porsche cars are forever, other cars are one night stands.

I have to credit the independent effort made by The Porsche Club Mexico for putting such a nice display of Porsche cars and for representing the brand so well. Attending the Concourse was lots of fun.

Also check out my coverage of the 2001 Carrera Panamericana where again Porsche was the best represented european carmaker. Click here for the Carrera Panamericana 2001 

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