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Newsletter 85 Porsche GT3 Cup from Track to Street
Its often that we hear of street Porsches going to the track, even Porsche itself decided to push the limits and raced the 24 hours of the Nurburgring in a street Porsche, getting amazing results BTW, yet we at the Porsche Club Puebla like to push things even further and decided to put a full blown racing Porsche on the streets of Mexico...

...wanna see what happened?

...let's check out the action!!!
It was time to take the road and head home... The Porsche GT3 Cup proved to be the most versatile race car ever... pick the kids at school one day and win LeMans the next day... literally.

We at the Porsche Club Puebla like to push thing to the extreme and this test proves it... simply because we are true hard core Porsche enthusiasts.

We invite all Porsche Owners to join our events, until then...


Frissen Gutierrez
Porsche Specialist & Porsche Owner since 1992
...we catch the group and were ready to race!!!
Photos by:
Frissen Gutierrez
Manuel Caballero

The streets of Mexico are no reasonable environment for a GT3 Cup... yet here we go!!!  amazingly fast, extremely noisy, yet comfortable enough for daily driving :/
...all that shopping made us hungry so Micky Dees it was...
...and we had to deal with regular traffic...
...we need to get out of here... fast!!!
...we had to pay toll as everyone else :/
...no racing car parking so just left it at front... people were amazed at our transport... security at Sam's Club didn't let us in with our helmet so we left it on top of the GT3 Cup...
Looks amazing on the street!!!
...we had to pick up some toilette paper as well as some detergent... the GT3 Cup is great for running errands :)
...and we won the race!!!
...finally we made it to the track...
At the track...
...we had our mechanic check everything and retorque the wheels and we were set for the track and ready to race!
...we paid our track fee yet we were told we were late and had to catch up with the group...
...we pushed hard lap after lap...