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Newsletter 24 Porsche World Road Show Mexico 2006
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The Porsche World Road Show (PWRS) landed Mexican soil once again in 2006, showing Porsche de Mexico (PdM) commitment to its customers. This year's PWRS took place at Pegaso's tremendous track with the entire 2006 Porsche line up, in all, 30 fast Porsches in an unequalled facility. The entire event was under the command of Julien Busson, Marketing Manager for PdM who met every single detail to the highest of standards. In all, the PWRS prove to be an experience like no other, thanks to the commitment of PAG and its affiliates PLA and PdM.

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I would like to thank Porsche de Mexico and its Director, Fernando Flores Beristain for the invite, our host, Julien Busson, Marketing Manager for PdM and the entire Porsche Team. This year's PWRS was superbly organized and we enjoyed it a lot. Thanks.

Frissen Gutierrez
Porsche Specialist and Porsche Owner since 1992.